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If you are looking for a yoga movie that will inspire you to work hard, then it is time you watched The Science Behind Yoga. Created by Uplift, this film celebrates and marks the yoga journey from its ancient’s roots and how it traveled to be fully accepted in today’s world. It tries to examine the aspects of yoga that are not understood well. It also focusses on the use of yoga as a remedy for physical as well as mental health.

The movies feature several yoga experts that try to help you understand the healing effects of yoga practice, yoga as a tool that balances emotions as well as how it impacts your brain to enhance your physical as well as mental health. The science behind yoga features a variety of interviews with some of the top leading yoga teachers, doctors, and scientist from all parts of the globe.

The movie is a part of a Yoga Day Summit which is an event that gives you an opportunity to listen to some of the well-known spiritual leaders, fitness experts, contemporary yoga masters as well as saints. In the movie, the yoga experts try to examine how yoga can change oneself for the better. The film also features presenters including, David Rae, Danny Paradise, Radhanath Swami, Ana Forest, Tommy Rosen, Kia Miller, Sharon Gannon, Janet Stone, Shiva Rae, Seane Corne, Pujya Swamiji Chitanand Saraswati and many others.

Among the yoga teachers is Laura Plumb who is an expert in Ayurveda Yoga and Vedic Healer. These two try to explain to you why Yoga itself is considered the Vedic science of self-realization. They say that all the other Vedic sciences such as Ayurveda which is categorized under the sciences of health and wellness support this fact. Also, they say that yoga is a cosmic and a divide science that is fully aware of how the planet operates as well as how people work within it. They conclude by saying that yoga is not just intended to enhance your health and fitness, but also to help you realize who you are and why you are alive.

The movie tries to bring in the findings of some recent studies. For example, the use of Yoga therapy in medical practices to improve recovery from several illnesses, vitality, and overall health, especially those that result from stress. As you might have already seen, most hospitals in today’s world are starting to establish medical departments that use yoga therapeutics to handle a variety of complications and illnesses. For example, the recent years’ studies have shown that yoga can help heal children with mental conditions including autism and other special needs. Also, it is being used to treat a variety of physical conditions successfully. In short, medical practitioners and scientists have realized that yoga can work well together with other medical practices.

The movie also tries to help you understand that yoga is not limited to age or culture setting. It can be practiced by anyone including, kids, teens and aged. It can also be practiced in festivals, nature retreats or corporate settings. If you are looking for happiness, mental clarity, physical health or peace of mind, yoga is your answer. Besides, who doesn’t want to live a happier, stress-free and disease free life? Yoga is a great activity for everyone to engage in, especially those that are looking forward to improving their mental, spiritual, and emotional as well as physical health.


Clearly, there are more than enough yoga movies and documentaries that you can access either on the web or buy from your local stores. Unfortunately, it is only a few of those movies that have tried to go deeper into yoga to help you understand its full meaning. You can start practicing yoga with an online course; read yoga burn review here. The Science behind Yoga is not just like any other film you will download on the internet. It is a movie intended not only to inspire yoga fanatics but to help them get a deeper meaning of what yoga is. If you’ve been searching for a film that will motivate you to work harder and enlighten you at the same time, then science behind yoga is your answer. Whether you get the digital or physical version of it, you will always find it enjoyable and educational.



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